Most small firms want a second EU referendum

More evidence has emerged that smaller businesses are largely unmoved by Brexit, albeit not quite as much as the very tiniest of traders.

Asked about the UK's exit from the EU, some 40 per cent of firms with fewer than 10 staff have told FreeAgent that it would have 'little or no' impact on their business.

The finding is broadly in line with what even smaller businesses -- the self-employed have said, specifically; that it won't affect their one-person venture for six in 10 of them.

Both 'no change envisioned' verdicts were sounded by the largest chunk of respondents in each of the two polls, yet among the employers, a hefty (38%) foresee a negative impact.

This significant number worried that Brexit will adversely affect their small business (with 10 employees or fewer), appears to explain why a second referendum is popular.

In fact, despite seeming to be ruled out by the government ever since prime minister Theresa May's 'Brexit means Brexit' remark, 60% of the firms told FreeAgent they would back returning to the ballot box.

The cloud accounting firm's CEO Ed Molyneux said that nearly two-thirds of firms must, therefore, have "cause for concern," given that the government is continuing on the path towards EU withdrawal.

"There is clearly a significant section of the economy that is feeling anxious about the post-Brexit future," the former freelancer said.

"I hope that the government keeps the concerns of these micro-business owners front of mind and makes sure that they are fully informed throughout the whole of the Brexit process.”


12th June 2018

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