Romance of freelancing 'lessens with age'

Freelancers' empires don't appear to be like fine wines -- maturing for the better as they get older!

In fact, people running their own business for longer than five years are twice as likely to miss their workplaces compared with recent startp-ups.

But another finding, also from an AXA survey, indicates that such long-in-the-tooth freelancers might have simply forgot the negative, corrosive effects a workplace can have.

In particular, more than one third of people contemplating self-employment said their current place of employment had "damaged" their self-confidence.

A "viscious circle" seems to ensue, the surveyors said, because it is this self-confidence that would-be freelancers say they need the most to take the plunge into self-employment.

"When people were asked what is stopping them from starting up, half put it down to lack of self-confidence rather than financial or practical considerations," AXA said.

The company added: "But [according to the findings], the romance [of running your own business] does lessen as the business itself ages."


30th May 2018

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