Freelancers invited to pilot money-making course

A veteran freelancer whose training course on boosting pay in self-employment received national press coverage is calling for volunteers to enrol in a 2018 version built for the web.

Roy Sheppard, a former BBC presenter, is looking for freelancers to pilot his e-course ahead of its launch, following its predecessor’s offline success and coverage by the Sunday Times.

But the ex-radio and television host says he’s not after any old freelancer for the trial. “The more cynical and battle-weary [they are], the better,” he told FreelanceUK.

“[We’re seeking those freelancers who] are probably sceptical about whether such a course would be worth their time and cost.”

Sheppard’s thinking seems to be that if the hard-to-please can learn something from his “No Hype, No Nonsense, No BS” video course, it should be a shoo-in for most other freelancers.

This same arresting style -- and language -- helped the forerunner to the online course turn heads, at a time when seminars on developing self-employed careers liked to ‘play it safe.’  

Sheppard’s ‘broke the mould’ with advice including:

  • Never ask for work
  • Forget five days a week
  • Tap into people’s fears
  • Give in to saying ‘No’ -- no matter how uncomfortable.

In his over four decades of freelancing, Sheppard has spotted his fellow freelancers feeling uncomfortable at something else. Fortunately, it’s something his course covers.

“So many freelancers are brilliant at what they ‘do,’ but hate the idea of having to ‘sell’ themselves,” he says.

“[I can] not only show you ‘what’ you need to do, you’ll also learn in detail, ‘how’ to create a solid freelance foundation that attracts more inbound enquiries for higher-quality work, from appreciative clients, so you can earn more. [The course] is practical and based on the real world of freelancing”.

Other areas that freelancers who volunteer (and those who go on to pay as customers) will have demystified include ‘bolt-on’ freelance services; surviving and thriving for the long-term, beating the competition and profitability.

 “There is so much support to help entrepreneurs,” Sheppard said. “But, I think it’s fair to say that we freelancers are a bit different. And -- up until now, there’s been very little training available for freelancers.”

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22nd May 2018

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