Most freelance hopefuls blame it on their boss

Ditching the boss is the top reason people want to become self-employed, a survey shows.

Seventy-eight percent of people who aim to go freelance in the next year named ‘being their own boss’ the top motivation, found AXA.

A related perk of a 'better-life balance' emerged as the second biggest pull – eyed by 66 percent, followed by the lure of more money.

But this more than one-third who had financial motivations were warned that cash is likely to be a key concern once they start out -- assuming they have enough of it to 'go it alone' in the first place.

“It’s a fine art recognising when you’re ready [to become self-employed, you need to be] mentally strong enough and financially able”, said AXA’s Gareth Howell.

“We know people often suffer loneliness, fears of inadequacy, [and] money worries…when the first startup, so you do need to be battle-ready.”  

But the battle seems worth it. The survey found that more than eight in 10 people said their life was “much improved” after taking the plunge to become their own boss.

And stress seems to be a major factor, with people in office-based occupations reporting the biggest reduction in stress after quitting their workplace.

Becoming freelance and being able to forego a fixed environment – where stresses, strains and supervision are part of the territory -- must be regarded as a big attraction.

“Some people are attracted to self-employment as a route out of a damaging workplace situation,” Howell said. “I don’t think we need to bash bosses too much…most people aren’t talking about escape, more about simply reaching a point where they’ve outgrown their workplace, bosses included.”


18th May 2018

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