Clients who mix staff with freelancers get top tips

A digital creative staffing agency has issued advice to clients on how to look after freelancers when pairing them with permanent staff – and for good reason.

In fact, ‘transformative teams’ – which contain both employees and self-employed specialists, are now in place at a hefty 93% of clients as a means for them to “keep up with the pace of change” and “adapt quickly,” says Vitamin T.

So the agency is advising such clients to ‘set clear freelancing policies, ‘set strong definitions around project scope,’ and ‘manage your expectations’ including by checking if the freelancer has other client commitments.

Freelancers with creative streaks will welcome the agency’s other top tip even more -- ‘letting the freelancer breathe’ by giving them as much creative freedom as possible.

Although “that doesn’t mean giving them total creative license,” Vitamin T cautioned, remember that freelancer creatives “often enjoy the freedom to work whenever and however they wish.”

So clients would be wise to “strike a balance between the project requirements and the freedom for your creative freelancers to get work done.”

Good clients will also avoid making their external workers feel left out in the cold. “Your freelancers should always feel welcome and part of the team,” the agency said in its top tips.

“That means making them feel like they’re more than just contractors. Invite them to meetings on their projects and make sure to introduce them to their co-workers”.

The freelance-care package was outlined in advance of the agency identifying transformative teams (a mix of freelancers and staff), as one of the top creative marketing trends of the year so far.


27th April 2018

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