IR35 campaigner bows out, to fight on in private

An IR35 campaigner has bowed out, admitting he has failed to generate enough support to keep fighting the legislation on behalf of independent professionals.

Mike Gibson wrote in an emotional “final newsletter” that donations to his campaign had been “valued and valuable”, but said it was now “the end” of his fundraising activities.

“My [latest] rallying call went out to over 300 people and I received [just] 21 responses.

“That’s a response rate of 7%”, wrote a clearly disappointed Gibson, who had asked the recipients simply to each write and send him an email with pledges of support.

Distributed on Friday, his newsletter reflects that “above all else,” the figures “demonstrate abundantly that the vast majority of people are simply not committed to the fight.”

He clarified that he is not critical of those he contacted, amid “many great reasons” why the response rate was not better, including “fatigue in fighting government” over IR35.

The consultant, who launched a legal challenge to the rule; ran a letter-writing campaign and even called for a protest, said he plans to lobby against lR35 as a private individual.

“I will fight to have IR35 either repealed or changed into something more equitable,” he vowed in the newsletter.

“Thank you for allowing me to fight on your behalf. And although I will carry on in my own name only, I will always be aware that so many of you are walking right there beside me.”

The Ethical Consulting Ltd boss added that once he has “used up the resources left in our kitty,” he will self-fund any private lobbying he does, and, to that end, his website has closed.


10th April 2018

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