Cash no longer king for creatives

Where freelancers currently stand on pay and perks in the creative industry has been revealed in a recruiter’s 2018 survey.

London-based Major Players found that despite the age-old desire to earn more money, a better work-life balance is of greater appeal to all 13 sectors of creatives which it supplies.

So whereas most freelancers might traditionally envy those in Events (where a hefty 35% of workers have pocketed rate rises of up to 10%), many more will likely want to emulate those in Research & Insights.

In the R&I sector, a majority now get to work from home for up to two days a week -- compared to the survey average of only a quarter working from home for a single day a week.

Seeming to prove that money no longer talks (at least as loud), more than half of creatives in the Digital Marketing sector -- where budgets were the biggest at £1million -- want to move job in the next year.

Similarly, in the Creative & Design sector, candidates said they would prefer to receive either more ‘flexible hours’ or a ‘greater holiday allowance’ than a bonus payment.

Those in PR & Communications agree, saying more ‘flexible working’ would be preferred to an annual bonus. Currently, only about a quarter of those in PR & Comms have a work-from-home-day each week.

“There is a rising need for a better work-life balance which has become increasingly more desirable for all,” said Major Players, which quizzed 3,000 of its candidates for its annual survey.

The recruiter added that the number of permanent and freelance vacancies across its digital, creative and tech fields has increased by 32%, partly thanks to the 65% of end-users which have hired for multiple roles, either on a permanent or freelance basis.


23rd March 2018

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