More staff than last year looking to ‘go it alone’

A lack of ‘freelance-friendly’ policies from the government is not deterring employees from wanting to ‘go it alone’ -- quite the opposite.

In fact, the number of nine-to-five staff who wish to quit their full-time job in favour of working for themselves has doubled, according to Aldermore.

Almost three in 10 British workers currently have this freelancing ambition, the equivalent of 29% of workers – compared to just 15% in 2017, the retail bank found.

That tallies with the increasingly entrepreneurial picture of employees captured last month in a similar study, and should reassure those worried about self-employment growth slowing.

Positively for freelancers not fancying competition in an already tough-looking year, both studies suggest that the enterprising permanent staff aren’t in a rush to strike out alone.

According to Aldermore, a bigger chunk (28%) of the would-be freelancers will make the jump sometime within three years. A smaller chunk (18%) see it happening next year.

And creative industry freelancers need not worry too much. The top sectors that staff with business ambition have got their eye on was retail, followed by the hospitality sector.


19th February 2018

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