Freelancers to get future-proofed, clued up on money

Freelancers will this evening take a financial masterclass at the penultimate ‘bootcamp’ from The Guardian.

Scheduled for three hours from 6.30pm, ‘Money, money, money’ will address the age-old and sometimes thorny issue of getting paid as a freelancer.

Tips and tools to “make sure your income is working for you” are promised at the session, due to be led by Natalie Campbell, an award-winning businesswoman and Emma Sexton, an entrepreneur.

Starting with a fireside chat, the duo will address the fact that in 2017, self-employed women still apparently charge less than their male counterparts for their freelance work.

The two expert tutors will also be on-hand at the final bootcamp in the series – ‘Future-proofing your freelance life,’ due to take place on Wednesday February 28th.

They will be joined at the session by both Mark Leruste, a coach, trainer and fundraiser, and Samantha Clare, a consultant who focuses on liberating staff from unhappy working cultures.

And as the name of the session suggests, the four tutors will present what’s coming down the pipeline for freelancers in the next five to 10 years – so innovations like AI, but also challenges like Brexit.

“Our tutors will share their predictions for what they think will impact the way we work,” the Guardian said. “This session will help you consider future-proofing yourself and inspire you to make time to think beyond next week. After all, the prepared ones seize the day.”

Tonight’s ‘money’ session and the ‘future-proofing’ session are based in London and cost £99 each. You can read more about the tutors and book online.


9th February 2018

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