Creative body sends downbeat 2018 message

A disappointed but not dispirited New Year’s message has been sounded by the creative industries to the government.

Writing from its website, the Creative Industries Federation said that the creative sectors have “come a long way” since 2010, although it said progress since early 2017 had been “tough”.

“It seems that the arts and the creative industries have to work harder than other sectors to achieve our ends,” wrote a frustrated-sounding John Kampfner, the CIF’s chairman.

He said a sign of success would be the day when ministers “devote the same attention to the needs of a TV company or architecture practice as they do to a car factory or bank.”

Better organisation of the creative industries would help, he said, as would an agreement among the industries’ different representative groups not to “indulge in territorial squabbles.”

But he implied that the biggest impediment to the industries succeeding – in terms of government policy being supportive and enabling them – was the government itself.

“Most important of all,” wrote Kampfner, “the [creative] sector[s] should not wait on government, particularly a government with fragile political power, buffeted by events and preoccupied by Brexit (to the exclusion of almost all other concerns).”


9th January 2018

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