Small is beautiful, suggest UK freelancers

Small is beautiful in the eyes of the nation’s freelancers, who overwhelmingly say that expanding their one-person venture is not on their ‘to-do’ list for 2018.

Surveyed just before the Christmas break, seven in 10 freelancers said they intended to stay as a single-person business for the next 12 months, and had no plans to “scale-up.”

Only a quarter have the goal of growing, shows the survey by status advisory Qdos, seemingly at odds with government incentives aimed at helping micro-businesses expand.

“Given that large numbers of freelancers have no interest in scaling their company, government policy must reflect this,” said the advisory’s CEO Seb Maley.

“It's time for a tax system that worked in favour of those risking more, working individually and without many statutory employment benefits.”

The only freelancers who didn’t answer in favour of growing or staying as they are were those who answered ‘other’ -- five per cent, who are likely eying retirement or employment.

“There is a misconception that in time many freelancers and contractors intend to grow their businesses into large companies,” Mr Maley said. “This simply isn't true, and is reflected by the vast majority of independent workers who plan to continue working as one person enterprises in 2018”.


4th January 2018

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