May criticised for recycled Brexit pledges

Criticism of Theresa May’s Conservative party conference speech has been added to -- albeit for what seems like the only thing that didn’t happen.

In fact, in a speech that featured a prankster with a P45, a disintegrating slogan and coughs and cough sweets, the prime minister failed to give any new details on Brexit.

“The PM made no new commitments to demonstrate that ministers are putting jobs and growth first,” said the Creative Industries Federation, which says firms need Brexit reassurances.

John Kampfner, federation chair, implied the omission by Mrs May to be a missed opportunity because “creative businesses are deeply concerned” by a failure to prioritise education and skills needs, in light of the UK’s departure from the EU.

But this “consistent failure” isn’t just the Tory party’s doing. “[Creative industry employers] are also disappointed that the two main parties continue to ignore the issue of retaining and attracting top international talent post-Brexit,” he said, referring to the Labour party.

The dependence of the creative industries on EU workers was flagged up by Nesta, an innovation group, last September, amid concern that not making it easier for non-EU workers to enter the UK after 2019, will be detrimental to the industries’ continued success.

“The Prime Minister reiterated her pledge to develop a ‘deep and special partnership’ with Europe and commitments to EU citizens who live and work in the UK,” Mr Kampfner pointed out, after Mrs Mays speech.

“But she provided no new detail that will reassure…. businesses that the government has a grip on the Brexit process.”

Editor's Note: Image credit: Foreign and Commonweath Office


9th October 2017

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