Happy freelancing isn't working in silos – survey

Freelancers are happiest partitioning themselves off from the myth that they like to work in silos, isolated from the workforce, doing their own thing.

In a survey of 700 freelancers, only eight per cent of freelancers said they liked working “completely remotely” in favour of more connected ways of working.

The most popular way to freelance -- voiced by more than two-thirds of the self-employed respondents -- was to combine both remote working with “on-site” working.

Even working onsite the whole time was more popular than working remotely, given that 25 per cent of the freelancers said they preferred to be at the client’s premises entirely.

“These findings dispel the myth that engaging with freelancers results in a distant relationship with less face-to-face contact”, said Seb Maley of The Qdos Group, which ran the survey.

He added: “Despite the rise of remote working and the opportunity to work from home, many freelancers and contractors enjoy the variety that working onsite with clients and remotely brings, and prefer it.”


26th September 2017

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