Hull crowned UK's most enterprising place

It is no longer just the cultural credentials of Hull that freelancers in the creative industry -- and now their clients -- are likely to flock to the city for.

In fact, on top of its current title of being Britain’s top ‘City of Culture,’ Hull has won an award for being the most enterprising place in the country.

Its focus on helping local business people set up their own enterprise and grow, uniquely in the renewable sector, was commended by the judges as making it deserving of the title.

Gathered for the Enterprising Britain Awards, the judges also commended Hull for “Improving the Business Environment,” as its incentives and help for the self-employed is “wide-ranging.”

So-called “economically excluded groups” have had tangible support too, notably under a city-wide plan that has resulted in 6,800 more people working than in 2011.

And its cultural accolade hasn’t hurt any. “Local community and the government have worked to increase the City's profile which in turn has seen us secure major investment”, said Hull councillor Martin Mancey.

“This backdrop of investment has enabled us to work with significant numbers of new entrepreneurs to establish and grow their businesses.

“Coming in the same year as the city being the City of Culture, this recognition will be another step forward for the city in creating the right environment to support our business community to develop and grow who in turn are creating quality opportunities for our communities.”

Birmingham has previously won the ‘Most Enterprising Place’ award, but other winners at this year’s ceremony will include North Tyneside Council for "Start-Up Spirit" and London’s Hatch Enterprise Incubator for "Building Enterprise Skills."


24th September 2017

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