Freelancers show faith in work-life balance

Work-life balance is where freelancers feel the most confident about operating as an independent worker over the next 12 months, a study shows.

Striking the right balance between professional and personal time is the part of freelancing that almost half of respondents -- the biggest chunk -- are assured about, found Qdos.

Demand for their service is the freelancers’ next biggest area of confidence, with about one third predicting an uptick. Meanwhile, more than one in 10 emerged as confident that it's their pay rate which will increase.

The generally positive findings seem at odds with the generally gloomy outlook of freelancers recorded in the latest freelancers’ confidence index, produced quarterly by IPSE.

But even among the more optimistic freelancers quizzed by Qdos, a greater proportion were “balanced” than “confident” about their venture, and almost a third were “concerned.”

“Brexit uncertainty continues, and the independent workforce has long-standing concerns about how pro-business the government actually is,” reflected Qdos CEO Seb Maley.

“What’s clear is that the recently formed government does now have a fresh opportunity to win back the support of the UK’s independent workforce with friendlier legislation to prove to freelancers that they are on their side.”


30th August 2017

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