Why creative freelancers get hired – top five reasons

An industry report has answered the age-old question that creative freelancers pose -- why do self-employed creative professionals have the edge over their employee counterparts.

Putting forward answers given by over 50 clients, the Creative Industries Federation said that “many” clients went with freelancers because their small, core team of staff needed a niche.

Specific projects needing extra capacity is the second reason cited in the CIF’s report last month, ahead of using freelancers to secure a “wide range” of “up-to-date knowledge.”

The penultimate reason given in the report -- ‘Creative Freelancers’ -- is that working as an independent professional suited those whom the clients wished to hire.

“However,” the federation said, cueing up its fifth reason, “some businesses admitted that using freelancers was dictated by finances.”

Beyond these top five reasons (paraphrased and bulleted below), there are an additional four ‘pull’ factors that respondents to the CIF implied freelancers had in their favour and got them hired over employees.

The top five reasons

‘We’re a small team and we need a specific skill for a certain project.’

‘We need to increase capacity on specific projects.’

‘We want a wider range of talent and access to up-to-date industry knowledge.’

‘We’ve noticed those we take on are happy being freelance.’

‘We’re using freelancers because of financial constraints.’

Other pull factors towards freelancers

‘By using freelancers we can scale our workforce up or down to suit each project.’

‘Freelancers hit the ground running; they don’t require training.’

‘Beyond the core skill we take them on for, freelancers also offer us project insight.’

‘Bringing in freelancers allows us to expand our network of specialists.’


8th August 2017

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