Freelancers log-on to get official VAT help

The questions about April’s VAT changes that freelancers have had since they came into force could this month be posed in real-time to the taxman.

So sole traders unsure what to do next having VAT-registered; others stuck on their VAT return under the FRS, and those wanting an overview of VAT schemes, can all get answers.

The most basic of the three webinars -- ‘VAT: Now you’ve registered,’ takes place tomorrow (Wednesday) from 11.30am for one hour.

For freelancers who already know VAT’s differing rates, how to claim or charge it and its record-keeping requirements, the next webinar ‘How to do your VAT Return,’ is better.

It takes place on Monday August 14 for freelancers needing to settle up under either the Flat Rate Scheme (which in April introduced a ‘limited costs’ trader rate), or standard accounting.

Newcomers to freelancing unsure about which of the Revenue’s VAT Accounting Schemes is most suitable for them should join the third webinar, on Wednesday August 23.

“This webinar tells you who can use them and how to join,” HMRC says of the one-hour event. “Discover if one of these is for you.It could help your business and save you time.”

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