Creative industry recruiter pinpoints top trends

A veteran recruiter of freelancers has revealed the trends that he says creative business-types might find “crucial” in the remaining five months of the year.

Chris Simms, business manager at the freelance creative arm of Blue Skies, a Manchester-based staffing agency, wrote last week about four trends for freelancers to “pay attention to”.

The first is “don’t rely on the media”, because -- he says -- “it no longer represents… a diverse chorus of voices,” speaking for “a broad, realistic proportion” of the population.

Although Simms doesn’t give examples, he does point specifically to the UK and the US, where the decisions to vote for Brexit and Donald Trump, respectively, were widely unforeseen by the mainstream press.

Secondly, “content marketing will remain in the spotlight,” the recruiter says outlining trend number two for 2017, but not just for “savvy creatives looking for challenge.”

Content-driven marketing will also be “king” for brands which want “a level of personalisation and targeting that traditional advertising can’t match,” Simms predicts.

His third trend is that the “creative process is being flipped on its head.” This is said to be thanks to advertisers no longer focusing on a target audience or demographic but instead, focussing on a shared passion.

The recruitment agency manager explains: “This allows for much more authentic engagement and fewer limitations brought by sorting people by gender or age.”

Freelancers working in advertising or marketing also stand to be affected by his fourth trend (if they haven’t been already) -- that ‘healthy’ advertising is in vogue, because “consumers want products that are good for them.”

Moreover, those who peddle the opposite could be in peril. “They [consumers] are less accepting of companies that don’t make that [healthy] choice easy for them or, worse, trick them into buying the wrong option.”

The agent added that in light of the four trends already potentially affecting freelancers, the question of whether the creative industry will shape events, or be shaped by events, is “intriguing”.


31st July 2017

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