Government rules out revisiting NI hike

Fears among freelancers that the government is secretly plotting to put up self-employed National Insurance after its botched attempt in March appear to have been extinguished.

Speaking yesterday to BBC Radio 4, Theresa’s May most senior minister said there would be no move to bring back the Class 4 NI hike, which was tabled in Budget 2017 but cancelled.

Damien Green, the prime minister’s deputy in all but name, said: “We won’t be revisiting that…the House of Commons has already spoken on that so we won't be revisiting that.”

The commitment to leave the rate of National Insurance where it is comes ahead of today’s eagerly-awaited Taylor Review, a nine-month probe into modern working practices.

Referring to the report’s imminent publication, Mr Green confirmed what a charity has pointed out -- that its terms prohibit it from making recommendations on tax.

More likely to be included is an attempt to reclassify ‘gig economy’ workers so they qualify for protections beyond their currently self-employed status.

But if it was up to freelancers, the review would recommend giving them sick pay, according to a poll of freelancers that saw them rank the perk ahead of other employee-style protections.


11th July 2017

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