Creative body to report on 'undervalued' freelancers

The misperception that self-employment policymakers often have -- that freelance professionals are no different to casual ‘gig economy’ workers -- will be tackled next month.

In fact, according to the Creative Industries Federation, a new report that it is preparing will spell out how freelancers and freelancing differ from the likes of gig workers and gigging.

The differentiation will be partly informed by evidence from more than 700 freelancers -- a “hidden part” of the creative industry workforce, and the organisations that use them, CIF says.

What the workforce looks like, how its members operate in terms of working practices and how those practices could be improved by government policy will also be explored.

“The enormous but hitherto undervalued contribution of freelancers to the creative economy will be highlighted”, the federation said, ahead of the report’s launch event on July 17th. 

To be unveiled with a discussion of its key findings, the report aims to ensure that freelance creatives “are protected against being unfairly affected by policies aimed at other industries.”


26th June 2017

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