EU uncertainty to boost freelancers, for now

Sooner rather later is when any Brexit boost for freelancers’ prospects is likely to emerge, a survey suggests.

In fact, although 47% of clients fear that new red tape from being outside the EU may eventually deter them from hiring freelancers, an even bigger chunk say they will work with more freelancers as the exit takes place.

Released by, the finding from the online skills marketplace’s latest survey indicates that uncertainty brought on by exiting the EU puts temporary hires in a favourable light.

Unlike full-time staff, whose notice periods are longer and who cost hirers more from having extra rights and protections, freelancers can be quickly taken on -- and let go -- as business conditions dictate.

This seems to explain why, on top of the 61% of clients who foresee a bigger workload for freelancers as the UK leaves the EU, 56% say they will spend more money on such non-permanent workers during the uncertain transition period.

PeoplePerHour said this was one of the survey’s ‘more positive’ findings for the freelance community, but it is pitted against the 73% of clients who warned that Brexit, once it completes, will fail to bring more business opportunities.


1st June 2017

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