Revealed: the creatives with designs on having their own firm

Creatives skilled in design have emerged as the most likely full-time and freelance job candidates to be planning to quit to start their own business.

In fact, out of the 12 creative sectors that staffing agency Major Players recruits into, the largest chunk intending to leave to ‘go it alone’ currently work in Design and Branding.

On the heels of this 30% eyeing their own venture are their counterparts in Digital Creative Design, as 17% of creatives with such skills see themselves as starting their own business.

Regardless of whether they are permanent or freelance, those aspiring to have their own venture in both design-led sectors said “limited career progression” was why they wanted to quit.

But low confidence in the current state of their respective markets was not a ‘push’ factor, as both Design/Branding creatives and Digital Creative Designers, have positive outlooks.

The signs of wanting to work for themselves are evident beyond their stated intention, however -- digital designers said flexible hours were their top perk today, and “flexibility” was only ranked behind the end-of-year “bonus” for brand designers.

To produce the findings, published in its 2017 salary survey, Major Players collected data from 3,200 respondents who it placed this year, which so far has seen a 16% increase in new opportunities for creatives.


18th May 2017

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