Labour 2017 manifesto: creative industry pledges

The Labour party has unveiled its manifesto for the June 8th general election, pledging a range of actions to help what it hails as the UK’s “world class” creative industry, including:

  • Putting the creative industry “at the heart” of Brexit negotiations and future industrial strategy, as industry groups have asked for.
  • Returning the subject of creativity to the national curriculum, specifically by reviewing the EBacc performance measure to make sure arts are not side-lined from secondary education.
  • Launching a creative careers advice campaign in schools.
  • Introducing an arts pupil premium to primary schools in England -- a £160 million annual boost for schools to invest in projects that will support cultural activities over the long-term.
  • Working with trade unions and employers to agree sector-specific advice and guidelines on pay and employment standards for individual creative sectors.
  • Introducing a £1 billion Cultural Capital Fund to upgrade the UK’s existing cultural and creative infrastructure.
  • Maintaining free entry to museums and invest in our museums and heritage sector.
  • Taking steps to widen the reach of the Government Art Collection.
  • Improving diversity on and off-screen in the film industry, by liaising with public service and commercial broadcasters to find “rapid solutions” to improve diversity.
  • Looking at extending the £1,000 pub relief business rates scheme to “small” music venues.
  • Examining the way that innovators and music artists are rewarded for their work in the digital age.
  • Obliging tech firms to take measures that further protect children and tackle online abuse, while ensuring young people can themselves "easily remove" any content they shared online before they turned 18.

Image credit:  Jeremy Corbyn  by  Garry Knight .  


17th May 2017

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