Gig economy workers 'in line for new rights'

Extra rights for freelancers engaged by the ‘gig economy’ are expected to be at the heart of a new deal for workers unveiled shortly by the government.

In fact, ahead of their manifesto and to form part of it, the Conservatives are tipped to say that paid maternity leave is one of a number of rights they will consult on granting to swathes of the self-employed.

Although the detail is unknown on how bonafide sole traders will not be eligible for the new rights (when their gig economy counterparts will be), it is widely understood that any action will not be taken until after the Taylor Review reports.

That review was ordered by Theresa May amid concern for gig workers’ precarious status, which has led to court cases and ongoing accusations of exploitation in the workplace.

Next week, the prime minister will announce a number of pledges to British workers, the Daily Telegraph reported, including the exploration of paid maternity leave – and paternity leave – for people informally engaged for casual tasks on a self-employed basis.

Meanwhile, according to the Guardian newspaper, Mrs May will accompany the pledges with a promise to maintain all the protections currently underpinned by the EU, which include paid holiday for workers.


15th May 2017

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