Taxman reveals most absurd expenses claims

The expenses claims that the taxman regards as wholly ludicrous have been shared, in a bid to head off another batch deluging him by January 31st.

Claims for betting slips, dog food and pants are among those HM Revenue & Customs rejected in the last year, for abjectly failing its ‘wholly, exclusively and necessarily’ test.

More glamorous claims did not impress either, with HMRC disallowing luxury watches for the ‘staff’ of a non-employer, and international flights to the Caribbean and to the dentist.

Armani jeans failed to make the cut too, despite the self-assessment taxpayer behind the claim saying the designer slacks were “protective clothing” for painting and decorating.

Other arguments self-assessors put just undermined their submissions. The underwear being claimed for was for “personal use,” and another with a garden shed said it was used privately.

Nonetheless, the taxpayer’s shed encroached onto their garden, so the taxman was asked to reimburse for the shed “plus the costs of the space it takes up”.

A caravan rental at the Easter weekend was also denied, as was the cost of regular “bonding sessions,” unspecified but costing thousands and always taking place on Friday nights.

“Year after year, we receive a number of ludicrous expense claims… which we would never uphold,” said HMRC’s director-general of customer services Ruth Owen.

“Why should the honest taxpayer pick up the bill for others? HMRC will only accept those claims which are genuine, such as legitimate travel expenses or the cost of tools for the job.”

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26th January 2017

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