Home workers 'can do a day's work in six hours'

The productivity gains from working from home that freelancers enjoy have failed to turn up in a survey of full-time employees who were let off the leash to do the same.

In fact, a survey of 2,000 office-based adults who have worked from home – or have the choice to -- found that they typically logged off for the working day at four in the afternoon.

They started later too, on average commencing the working day at almost half-nine in the morning, meaning they typically did a “meagre” six hours 14 minutes a day, said TalkTalk, which ran the survey.

But as time management guru Clare Evans points out, well-organised home workers “can get more done in six hours working from home [alone], than eight hours with colleagues”.

“[It’s] a theory being explored by Sweden with the new 6-hour working day format,” said Evans, who TalkTalk engaged for the survey. “By creating structure and staying focused, you can get more done”.

Supporting her stance is around half of the survey respondents, who said that being out of the office and working from home led to increased productivity.

However, being in a “relaxed” environment – a potential aspect of working from home that veteran freelancers say to avoid – had unfortunate effects on the usually office-based staff.

More than a fifth worked from their bed; almost as many stayed in just their underwear all day and one in ten didn’t even do that; they simply stayed in their pyjamas.

Other respondents reported doing chores in between their work; browsing the internet, watching box sets or even leaving the house -- to get a spray tan or go to the gym.

“Although it may seem that some home workers cut corners, the beauty of flexible working is that it allows us to fit work around the things in your life that matter”, Evans explained.

“Everyone works in different ways and if you’re more productive doing your spreadsheets between the bed sheets, that’s fine.”


2nd November 2016

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