Designers unveil blueprint for post-Brexit Britain

As many as 140 design industry luminaries have put their names to a new manifesto calling the government to act “as the UK prepares for Brexit.”

Published out of the signatories’ concern that the UK’s competitive advantages in design may be “lost” due to the UK leaving the EU, the Brexit Design Manifesto has five central tenets.

They are; Recruitment, Manufacturing, Education, Recognition and, affecting almost all creative freelancers and enterprises, Intellectual Property.

“In order to continue to grow, the architecture and design sector needs help in the following five areas,” says the manifesto, whose signatories include Sir Terence Conran, Sir Richard Rogers and Thomas Heatherwick.

“Design can help the UK thrive after Brexit. But first the government must help design…[because] Brexit presents the architecture and design sector with a challenge.”

According to the signatories, stronger ties with both Europe and the rest of the world must be forged, as must agreements permitting international talent to come to the UK, study and set up businesses.

Student exchange programmes can help and so should remain in place, believe the signatories, who also say UK creatives need reassurance that they can get protection for their ideas now that EU rights law faces being rescinded.

Meanwhile, investment in higher education is urged to continue, alongside ‘designer-friendly’ manufacturing policies; the retention of UK-EU research links and schools championing both design and the design industry, which is currently valued at £77.7billion to the UK economy.

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18th September 2016

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