Freelancers' body hands PM six-point Brexit plan

Saying ‘no’ to burdensome red tape and ‘yes’ to less complex tax rules are the top ways Theresea May could turn the UK’s ‘leave’ decision to the advantage of freelancers.

Addressing the prime minister at 10 Downing Street, freelancers’ body IPSE told Mrs May that these two actions would ensure the self-employed can “continue to power our economy.”

Four other commitments must also be made for a successful Brexit, heard the PM, flanked by her new business secretary Greg Clarke MP and small business minister Margot James.

The four are; ensure access to the single market while embracing global trade; build infrastructure, respect the views of others and champion self-employment as a career choice.

“By harnessing independent professionals’ specialist skills and expertise we can ensure Brexit is an opportunity to create a more productive, higher skill economy,” said IPSE CEO Chris Bryce.

A former freelance professional, Mr Bryce explained at the meeting that the key to unlocking the potential of the self-employed was to give them the “freedom to get on with running their business with as few barriers as possible.

“Brexit is an opportunity for a fresh start,” he told the PM. “For rejecting unnecessary red tape, for reforming difficult and complex tax regulations – so the self-employed can continue to power our economy.”




11th August 2016

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