Government reassures creatives in wake of Brexit

The government has moved to reassure the creative industry of its importance, following concern from its leaders over the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.

“What a performance!” gushes the headline of a new press release from the Department of Media, Culture and Sport, which describes the UK creative industry as “a force to be reckoned with.”

The well-timed press release reminds that the industry now generates almost £10million an hour and accounts for 1.9million jobs (following a controversial reclassification in 2013), representing a 20% increase since 2011.

The UK’s Brexit decision is then tackled more directly. “None of this [the creative industry’s success] is changed by the UK’s decision to leave the EU,” reflects Culture Secretary John Whittingdale.

He adds: “I am confident that our creative industries will continue to thrive and take advantage of the new opportunities which are opening up to do business across the world.”

Behind the scenes, efforts are already underway to understand precisely where those opportunities – and challenges – will exist, now that the UK has signalled its intention to exit the EU.

In fact, a new Creative Industries Council working group is being set up to identify positive and negative impacts on the creative industry from the UK’s decision to pare back its ties with Europe.

The aim is come up with proposals to put to government that ensure the creative industry “remains at the top table,” says the boss of British TV and Cinema association John McVay, who will chair the group.

Due to report in mid-August, the group will pull together experts from the creative industry to look at the “business critical priorities” that leaving the EU throws up for each of the industry’s creative sectors.


7th July 2016

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