Freelancers' accountant waiting on Autumn Statement 2016

The next fiscal update by a chancellor has unique importance for the self-employed as it will be the first policy platform since the Brexit vote, Brookson, an adviser to freelancers says.

In a blog reflecting on the UK’s decision to leave the EU, the tax advisory said two key tasks await whoever has likely replaced George Osborne by Autumn Statement 2016.

“The government [should] manage the transition as smoothly as possible… [by] providing as much political clarity and coordinated action as possible,” Brookson said.

It added: “The Autumn Statement will now become more important for the country as potentially new chancellor steps forward. This perhaps allows a small amount of time for the dust to settle before the policy makers (or policy changers) start to scope out next steps.”

Another accountant for independent workers, Danbro, has acknowledged that the UK’s one-man bands – alongside other small businesses – are embarking into unchartered territory.

“Yes, there may be a time of uncertainty while the enormity of this decision is worked through and understood,” reflected Danbro managing director Damian Broughton.

“It will be the government’s task to bring calm, understanding and visibility of the potential impact.”

Broughton is optimistic about the implications of ‘Leave’ however, seemingly at odds with the creative community who tended to vote ‘Remain.’

“Leaving the EU may seem like another hit for the self-employed,” he said. “However, I believe it will be an opportunity…[partly as] the flexible workforce is ideally situated to provide the support our businesses need.”

Separately, a poll by Intuit Quick Books on the eve of the referendum reportedly shows that 41.3% of self-employed people share the accountant’s view, as they said they planned to vote ‘Leave.’

A marginally greater chunk (41.9%) vowed to oppose Brexit but, regardless of voting intention, a vast majority of the respondents said personal feelings and not the likely impact on their business would be the decisive factor.


3rd July 2016

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