Freelancers' Questions: How to freelance from the UK for an Italian firm?

Freelancer’s Question:

I live in Italy and work as a freelancer, receiving my pay here in Euros into my Italian bank account. Next month, I’m moving with my family to the UK, where I’ll start being a sole trader, and still for my Italian client albeit from a UK address.

How to freelance from the UK for an Italian firm

Can I still be paid into my Italian bank account in Euros while living in UK? I want to keep the Euros account in Italy or do I have to open a Euro account in UK?

Also, as regards invoices, they will probably be without VAT; that's correct, isn't it?

Expert’s Answer:

From when you start operating as self-employed in the UK, you can elect to be paid by your Italian client in your own personal bank account in any country and in any currency you choose.

You do not have to open a Euro account in the UK. Your Italian bank can convert Euros into sterling which you can transfer to your UK bank account, or you can use a foreign exchange company which will likely to give you a superior conversion rate.

As regards VAT, the threshold in the UK is currently £83,000. Until you want to register for VAT (there are some benefits) or until you need to register for VAT (the threshold above which you must register is currently £83,000), your invoices cannot include VAT.

The expert was Mike Philips of freelancing compliance advisory its international.


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28th June 2016

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