Creatives 'most in favour' of Britain voting Remain

Creativity-led sectors occupy three of the five UK industries most in favour of voting ‘remain’ in tomorrow’s EU referendum, a study shows.

In fact, Marketing, Advertising & PR, Creative Arts & Design and Media & Publishing are the three largest supporters - by industry - of the UK staying in the EU, found recruiter Reed.

The Legal profession is the fourth biggest supporter of Remain, followed by the Science & Pharmaceuticals industry, shows the study based on responses from 2,200 job candidates.

Sent to FreelanceUK, the study shows that despite creatives leading the opposition to a Brexit, Financial Services, Engineering, Manufacturing and Transport are the industries that respondents felt will be most affected if the UK leaves the EU.

The historical vote will be held at polling stations across the UK tomorrow, with the result likely to be known by dawn on Friday (June 24th) unless it is on a knife-edge.

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21st June 2016

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