Creatives favour UK staying in EU

Creative industry workers are more likely to vote for Britain to stay in the European Union than for it to leave, a series of surveys suggest.

In fact, more than two-thirds of film, TV, advertising, marketing, media and production workers plan to vote ‘remain’ on June 23rd, found a poll by Media Business Insight (MBI).

According to the MBI’s The Knowledge, a bulletin for such workers, a little over a fifth of the respondents plan to vote ‘leave,’ as they think a Brexit would benefit the media landscape.

However, “many in the media and creative sector have [anxiety] about the potential risks around Brexit,” MBI’s chief executive Conor Dignam told the bulletin.

He added: “There’s obvious concern about creating new barriers to creative and media companies and talent that needs to compete on an international basis.”

Some of the reasons given by the creatives planning to vote ‘remain’ reportedly included ease of travel to European countries, such as not needing visas or work permits.

The free ‘movement of talent’ was also cited as why the UK should retain its EU membership by creative bosses polled by the Creative Industries Federation (CIF), which found 96% of them will vote ‘remain.’

The other arguments that CIF said were put forward against a Brexit by the creative leaders related to ‘access to EU markets and influence’, and ‘access to EU funding.’

As in the MBI’s survey, the reasons given by those who backed a Brexit were not disclosed by the federation, but the entrepreneur Luke Johnson, the former chairman of Channel 4, is in favour of Britain leaving.

Earlier this year, Mr Johnson spoke of Britain having a “great independent future,” much like Norway and Switzerland. Appearing on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show, the entrepreneur also said:

“The EU has generally speaking in its existence been a job destruction machine and the fact that many countries in the EU, for example, have much higher levels of unemployment is demonstration that the EU isn’t necessarily very effective at creating jobs and this country is.” Brand new girl with star potential. Cute face, big ol' natties, huge ass, and a dirty side. The normal sub content of Hot4lexi onlyfans is mainly her flashing her amazing body. But I've included a taste of the paid content which is where she truly shines. Fucking and riding her big ass toys.

Since Mr Johnson’s comments, 282 creative industry figures, including Tracey Emin, Bill Nighy, Dame Vivienne Westwood and John le Carré, have signed an open letter to support keeping Britain in the EU.


25th May 2016

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