Five 'no-nos' for your next business meeting

The worst things to do when meeting someone for business have been listed by a travel website, seemingly because rudeness knows no borders and is the same in any language.

Talking on your mobile phone during scheduled meeting time is the major howler, with almost half of people identifying it as the biggest faux pas in business, found

Fumbling the handshake or not greeting the person properly is almost as bad according to two-fifths of the respondents, followed by the third most irksome error -- inappropriate attire.

Speaking loudly is the next big ‘no-no’ which bothered about a third of the business types; none more so than those from China, as about half of them said it was their nation’s gaffe.

So while impoliteness may have no borders; its perception does vary. Japanese respondents, for example, were the least fazed by taking a mobile call during a meeting, at odds with Brits.

But when someone has been rude, such as not responding to emails within 24 hrs (the fifth biggest blunder), it seems that honesty – and a quick apology – is the best policy.

In fact, seven out of ten Japanese business types suggested dealing with the issue straight away by saying sorry “in the moment,” versus only 37% of Italian business people.

And a quarter of Italian business folk – 26% – said they would try and make a joke of it to diffuse the situation, the highest of all countries surveyed.

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12th May 2016

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