Further spike in self-employment predicted

More than one in four people on the payroll in non-large businesses really want to be self-employed instead, a new report reveals.

In fact, 27% of employees in mid-sized firms and 22% of those in small firms hanker after life as an independent worker, said report author Co-operatives UK.

Implying that some of these would-be bosses won’t stay put, the report predicts that the number of self-employed – currently 4.6m – “is likely to grow further over the next year.”

“More and more people are turning to self-employment, whether out of choice or necessity,” said Co-operatives Secretary General Ed Mayo. “Self-employment offers freedom”.

Pat Conaty, co-author of the report and a freelancer himself, said: “Self‑employment is at a record level, but it is not yet at the high water mark.

“The pressure and the promise that lead people to go freelance will continue to swell the ranks of the self-employed over the coming year.”

The report also looked at co-operatives, such as 50music teachers who market their services to schools, and interpreters laid off by Capita who offer interpretation services in the courts.


7th April 2016

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