Why every freelancer needs an online marketing plan

Every freelancer, no matter what industry they are in, needs a strategy for marketing their services online. The truth is, when you are a freelancer then there will always be times when you are uncertain where your next job will be, and so it is a good idea to always be on the look-out for new work. Promotion, networking and experience are three essential factors in the path to becoming a successful freelancer.

If you have recently made the decision to become a freelancer, and have created a concrete strategy to plan for success, then the next step is to market yourself. After all, being a freelancer is about turning your skills into a sellable product that you can offer to clients, which means you will need a plan to promote your skills, just like marketing a product. If the world of online marketing is unchartered territory for you, then here’s some advice on making your first marketing plan to promote your freelance work.

Show off your skills

Creating an online portfolio is an efficient way of showing your past work to prospective clients. Having a digital platform to present your work is a much more professional approach to getting your name out there than sending your CV; you can simply write an email to a potential client and include a link to your website which will contain your portfolio, CV and contact details all on one slick website. This is particularly essential if you work in copywriting, design or web development, as nearly all of your clients will ask to see an online portfolio.

Not only is it important to make sure your online portfolio contains your best work, you should also ensure your website looks professional. Free blogging sites like WordPress have a lot of stylish templates to choose from, and companies like 1&1 make it cheap and easy to buy a domain name. Make sure your website reflects the quality of your skills as an impressive site will make an excellent impression on first-time clients, and help you sustain a career as a successful freelancer.

Get connected

Once you have established a professional website to show off your skills, the next step is to create a social media account on Twitter, Facebook, and especially LinkedIn. Social media is an effective way of connecting with new clients, and some companies use it to advertise new jobs and contracts. If you link your website to social media channels, you may even be headhunted, as employers will see you on social media, look at your website, and if they like what’s in your portfolio then they may get in touch.

When freelancing, it is important to keep your finger on the pulse of your industry; if you are a web designer, social media allows you to connect with other web designers, and keep up-to-date on all the latest trends. Who knows, you may even find a fellow designer who wants to collaborate on a project. Don’t be out of the loop, get online and get connected! 


7th February 2016

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