Generation Y eyes freelancing the most

Halloween may have passed, but freelancers who talk about trading independently could see a shade of green on the face of thirty-something men and twenty-something women.

In fact, these two demographics are the likeliest Brits to be envious of the self-employed because they are the keenest adults to start their own business, even though they haven’t.

So while not even 40% of people, overall, say they might one day ‘go it alone’, among men under 35, this enterprising chunk expands to over 50%, and among young women it hits 60%.

“Entrepreneurial spirit is strong among generation Y,” said freelance taxation advisory Intouch Accounting, which surveyed 10,000 people about their enterprising thoughts.

The aspiring freelancers, whether male or female and regardless of age group, typically blamed a “lack of stable income” for their decision not to strike out alone.

Having to be without employee-style job protections and benefits – an issue that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has raised – was another factor keeping their freelance career on hold.

But foregoing such benefits was only cited by 15% of the sample, making it less of a deterrent than fears about income (47%); funds (25%), stress (24%) and managing money (17%).


3rd November 2015

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