Third of workforce will soon be 'gigging'

The UK’s population of professional people who have a portfolio of part-time work were yesterday predicted to soon account for more than a third of the workforce.

Peter Glover, a research manager at the UK Commission for Employment & Skills, told the Times that the UK ‘gig economy’ will mirror the US’s, where 34% of workers are freelance.

Speaking to the newspaper, he said the trend was especially visible in the UK among three separate groups; youngsters and workers who are past retirement age and on the cusp of it.

These individuals, who are likely to strike a better work-life balance using technology, were contrasted to middle-agers – the demographic Mr Glover said was least likely to be ‘gigging.’

These forty-somethings tended to have “fixed responsibilities,” he said, that require a “stable income stream,” and so freelancing was suggested to be less viable to them.

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11th August 2015

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