Marketers’ commute comes in at 22% of their pay

If marketing and PR workers valued the time they spend getting to work as highly as the time they spend on the job, then their average commute would be worth over £4,300 a year, a recruiter calculates.

The finding means that the typical public relations or marketing worker is sitting on – sometimes literally – a lost value due to commuting of 22% of their annual pay, found Randstad.

That’s slightly worse than the national average - 19% - seemingly because they have to travel a bit further, 25 miles (the national average is 22 milies) and a bit longer, 48 minutes (the national average is 43 minutes).

“As a nation, we are embracing longer commutes to work, particularly as the hunt for cheaper property nudges workers further out into suburbia,” reflected Randstad’s Ruth Jacobs.

“And as our commutes get longer, flexible working is coming into its own – helping workers to reclaim some of their lost time and maintain a better work-life balance. This, in turn, encourages them to work harder, and stay longer in a role.”

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