Study claims to have bust web developer myths

A new study claims to have shattered the “long-standing stereotypical beliefs” about web developers that they are too casually dressed at work and too closed off to others.

The study, of over 1,000 WordPress developers, found that more than a fifth chose to spend their free time socialising, rather than sitting aloof coding or surfing the web.

Going to the gym and attending dinner parties were the digital workers’ two mostly commonly cited social activities, found hosting firm, which ran the study.

The left-leaning Guardian emerged as the techies’ newspaper of choice – read by 29% of the sample – followed by other respected broadsheets, such as The Telegraph.

Asked about their attire when working, 50% of the developers said wearing a T-shirt to a business meeting was “acceptable”, and about half as many said the same about jeans.

Hoodies were the item of clothing developers frowned upon the most, with 30% saying such a top was not suitable for a meeting. Trainers also got the thumbs-down, but not as much.

The study authors, who set out to bust myths about web developers, said the findings about attire proved that not every digital worker wants to wear the “stereotypically casual uniform.”


29th October 2014

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