Freelancers called to identify their big issues

Freelancers are being called to identify the big issues affecting their lives as self-employed professionals, whether they work in the UK or across Europe.

Sounding the call, the European Freelancers’ Movement (EFM) said it wanted input from everyday freelancers to help inform its agenda as a campaign group for independent workers.

The EFM, which was set up by freelancers offering their time, has already put forward five tenets of freelancing to the newly elected European Parliament, which it visited last week.

But now that policy-makers in Brussels are listening, the movement says it wants to continue “targeting problems” that freelancers encounter, and so is calling for submissions.

“Tell us what issues we should campaign on next,” EFM said, appealing to all freelancers, including its 6,600 signatories. “Post on our Facebook page, Tweet or sign up as an ambassador.”

Although signatures to its manifesto have already been delivered, the movement hopes the friends of freelancers and supporters of freelancing will sign-up, so more people can join the EU-wide effort to ‘get freelancers recognised as a legitimate employment and business category.’

“We've started a movement,” EFM reflected. “We've started something amazing…Let's keep up the momentum and improve conditions for all European freelancers.”


30th September 2014

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