Government enterprise boss backs 15 for 15

A competition that will spotlight the UK’s 15 most exemplary freelancers has won the support of the government’s Women in Enterprise champion.

Lorely Burt, who is also the MP for Solihull, welcomed 15 for 2015, saying it was “fantastic” that a competition has been set up to back the self-employed.

She added: “[It] will showcase the amazing talent of independent professionals from across the land and highlight the important contributions they make to the economy and society at large.”

Like the competition organisers, the Liberal Democrat MP pointed out that more people than ever before are ‘going it alone’ – an estimated 4.6m people according to the last count by the ONS.

“The entrepreneurial spirit and bravery of these individuals must be recognised and celebrated,” reflected 15 for 15’s spokesman Louis Clark.

“This is exactly what this competition aims to do and it’s fantastic to have the Government Ambassador for Women and Enterprise celebrate the growing self-employed army with us.”


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