Digital skills start-up wins cash injection

A start-up dedicated to arming jobless youngsters with digital skills suited to full-time and freelance work has reportedly won a shot in the arm from some socially-minded investors.

Fluency, which has spent its first year boosting young people’s digital employability, has raised £85,000 from ClearlySo, a group of angel investors, reported The Sunday Times.

Speaking to the newspaper, Fluency’s co-founder Sinead Mac Manus signalled that the cash injection would be used to teach the skills that small firms looked for in junior roles.

Research by the Prince’s Trust, which is working with the entrepreneur, suggests that employers will more than welcome the intensified focus on starter positions.

In particular, one in three employers quizzed on behalf of the trust said they have a skills shortage at entry level, and a further 31% were facing “skills gaps” in junior management.

Meanwhile, almost half of the employers fear that an ageing workforce could lead to “a lack of creativity and innovative thinking.” The research, released this month, is available online.


10th August 2014

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