Lords seek views from digital freelancers

A new House of Lords Committee looking at the country’s digital competitiveness has published its Call for Evidence, outlining how freelancers and other individuals can contribute.

The House of Lords Committee on Digital Skills said on Friday that it will, over the course of its inquiry, examine the digital capability of the nation; current and future technology trends, and “what these mean for our society.”

The investigation will explore how the UK can be prepared to compete in a global digital economy, examining issues such as whether the UK is developing a workforce that is appropriately skilled for the future in jobs that may not yet exist.

It will also address the question of how industry and government can encourage people of all ages to choose careers which will benefit the future digital era.

One major area for investigation is the competitiveness of the UK. In fact, the committee will look at how the nation can best position itself to become a world leader through teaching and developing the range of skills necessary to ensure it has a “competitive digital economy in the new technological age.”

Baroness Morgan of Huyton, who chairs the committee reflected: “I believe it’s going to be crucial for the UK to create a workforce that is skilled enough to stay ahead globally, particularly in terms of digital skills.

“I hope that this inquiry will shine a light on whether or not the UK sits at the top of the class or whether it must try harder.”

Effectively calling out to digital freelancers, online creatives and internet consultancies, the baroness said “anyone with relevant expertise or experience” in the issues on the table should submit evidence.

Both companies and individuals can contribute, with written evidence needing to reach the committee no later than Friday 5th September 2014.

Interested parties can submit their evidence, with a view to answering 15 specific questions on the UK’s digital credentials, using a written submission form found on the committee’s website.


13th July 2014

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