Lords to investigate UK's digital skills

The first meeting of a new House of Lords Select Committee set up to investigate digital skills in the UK will take place on Wednesday.

Appointed last week, the Digital Skills Committee will privately meet on June 18th to discuss the formal inquiry it will launch, ahead of a call for evidence at the end of June or early July.

Its remit is to consider; report and make recommendations to ministers on information and communications technology, skills and the UK’s competitiveness in these areas.

To be chaired by Baroness Morgan, a non-executive director of Carphone Warehouse who sat on the Personal Service Companies Committee, the committee will report by March 5th 2015.

Further details about its role will be decided by the Baroness and the committee’s 11 other Lords at Wednesday’s meeting, and are due to be posted on its official and Twitter pages.


15th June 2014

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