Thousands sign EU Freelancers Manifesto

Thousands of freelancers have signed their names to an EU-wide campaign calling for decision-makers to recognise and back the independent labour market, in what represents “a clear message” to the new European Parliament.

In fact, almost 4,000 independent professionals (iPros) from the UK and other EU nations, including Italy, Germany and Croatia, have signed up to the Freelancers Manifesto, which is available online.

The manifesto calls for decision-makers to recognise the rise in the number of people choosing to work for themselves as a fundamental change in working patterns, and urges support for their economic contributions.

Indeed, the independent work sector is now the fastest growing part of the European labour market, with the number of people choosing to ‘go it alone’ rising in 2013 by as much as 93 per cent in some countries.

Joel Dullroy, the Berlin-based freelancer who set up the campaign, reflected on the thousands of European citizens who are endorsing the five basic tenets at the heart of the manifesto.

“This sends a clear message to the new European Parliament that they must do more for this important and flourishing sector,” he said.

The UK trade body for freelancers, PCG, welcomed the signatories, who it believes want “simple and clear” freelance-friendly policies to help self-employed people, as well as politicians and businesses.

“Improving access to training and services and better regulation that specifically considers the unique needs of independent professionals are just some of the ways the new EU Parliament can support freelancers,” said PCG’s Andy Chamberlain.

“Similar to the SME Envoy, appointing an iPro Envoy to champion freelancers at the top of the European Parliament will offer further support for independent professionals.”

Freelancers were reminded that they still have time to sign the manifesto (the authors say they need 10,000 signatories), to ensure their voices are heard “loud and clear” in the new EU Parliament.


11th June 2014

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