Freelancers' body has hopes for Queen's Speech 2014

The Queen’s Speech later today should be used by the government to both address and support the unprecedented number of people across the UK working as self-employed, a freelancers' body says.

The Speech, which is read by the Queen but written by the government, represents what PCG sees as an “ideal opportunity” to provide the “urgent” assistance that at least 4.5m individuals deserve.

Although the group says such supportive measures need not be big, they would be significant if they help a growing part of the population “get on and be successful” -- for themselves and the economy.

“Late payment is still a crippling issue for independent professionals”, reflected PCG’s Simon McVicker. “Improving the communications infrastructure is also vital… these are just some simple ways that the government can help independent professionals”.

In line with its previous calls, the group says the Prompt Payment Code should be made compulsory for big business and, pointing to broadband, urged more rural and mobile coverage.

Further ways that UK policymakers can support freelancers and other people who work for themselves will be spelt out in PCG’s ‘Freelancers Manifesto,’ due to be launched in the autumn.


4th June 2014

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