Advert-fuelled car scheme set to launch

Creative workers with advertising and marketing in their blood will next month get to take their passions on the road with them -- and get to work in the process for as little as £40 a month.

Thanks to Car Quids, a firm which already pays drivers to use their cars as billboards, vehicles kitted out with adverts will soon be offered on a monthly lease for the equivalent of about £10 a week.

Although would-be leasers must pay a much steeper fee upfront, the scheme means people who pass certain checks will be able to rent out a car “for the same monthly price as a phone contract.”

The firm adds that it will give the person driving the rented vehicle a say on the promotional graphics that will be splashed on the car, with a view to the driver being “happy” with the advertising content.

“Advertising on the car covers most of the lease payment,” Car Quids reflected. “As with all car leases, there is an up-front one off fee to pay (usually around £650 for a small car). The advertising income contributes to your monthly lease repayments and not the initial fee.”

Drivers wanting to take part in the leasing scheme are required to have a clean licence and pass a credit check, and must pay for their own insurance, MOT and road tax.


26th May 2014

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