Use local elections to woo self-employed, says PCG

The local and European elections provide “a golden opportunity” for policymakers to get behind the growing number of people choosing self-employment and unlock the potential of such independent workers.

So says PCG, the freelancers’ body, which has spelt out how incoming local councillors and MEPs can boost a sector which UK Prime Minister David Cameron calls “the engine of our economy”.

Reflecting on the UK’s upcoming local elections, PCG's director of policy Simon McVicker said that by supporting self-employment locally, councillors could boost businesses in their constituencies.

“For example, by working to improve local connectivity such as broadband internet and local transport infrastructure, councils will ensure self-employed professionals can remain in touch with clients at all times – a vitally important part of 21st Century business,” he said.

Councillors were also told they can support the newly self-employed by turning unused council properties into community work spaces, so people who have recently begun ‘working for themselves’ have a base to do business.

As to the European elections, Mr McVicker believes that more support for independent professionals would help the EU’s economic recovery continue.

He reflected: “Appointing an Envoy for Independent Professionals would ensure the fastest growing sector of the European labour market is properly represented in Brussels.

“It is also important that independent professionals – or iPros as they are called - are visible in official statistics. Better regulation that considers the unique needs of the sector would also ensure independent professionals get a fair deal when it comes to getting work and getting paid fairly and on time for the services they deliver.”


22nd May 2014

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