Freelancers 'to outnumber state workers by 2018'

The number of workers who are self-employed freelancers will outnumber those in the public sector in just four years, a new UK study reportedly claims.

Obtained by the Daily Mail, the study predicts that 5million people will be in business on their own account in 2018, the same year that the government’s workforce will fall to 4.9m.

Speaking to the newspaper, the study authors, the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, put the anticipated overtaking down to more people wanting to be “maters of their own fates.”

If the study authors are right, 2018 will represent a landmark year for Britain which has, for many years, had about one in five of its workers employed by the state.

But the government has moved to pare back the public sector which, at the middle of last year, saw its workforce drop to 5.7m, the lowest number of state workers since records began.


26th March 2014

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